Data Destruction

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Secure Data Destruction Program

Since its existence, SER has performed IT asset and data destruction services–both onsite and at our secure facility–for hundreds of organizations, from government agencies and government contractors to financial services and healthcare firms to data centers, information technology and professional services firms.
All data destruction services are provided in accordance with DoD, NIST, and all federal, state, and local regulations.

Our Data Destruction Process

Data Security

  • Trained & Background Checked Staff Members
  • Secure Transportation of data carrying media
  • Secure Chain of Custody
  • Auditable Documentation & Reporting
  • 24 Hours Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Secure Vault Storage of Media
  • Secure Data Destruction Lab

Data Destruction Methodologies

  • The following three Data Destruction Methodologies are used by SER
  • Data Wiping
  • Data Shredding
  • Degaussing
  • These methodologies are conducted in complete compliance with NSA and DoD standards, and other state and federal compliance measures

Data Security Policies

  • Access Control – Establish security requirements to have a controlled access to the information resources of SER.
  • Logging & Monitoring – To help protect the safety of the SER and its clients information, and preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data.

Data Wiping

It is a process that overwrites data on a hard drive with random patterns of ones and zeros. Simply deleting files or even formatting your drive doesnt mean the data is gone. It can still be recovered using freely-available software tools. Only by overwriting the data can you ensure its permanently and securely erased.

At SER, we used DoD and NIST approved methods for wiping the data from Hard Drives.

Data or Hard Drive Shredding

At the core of SERs data destruction process is our data carrying media shredding services, which can be performed onsite at the customer’s premises or in our secure, access controlled facilities.

With SER’s secure and confidential hard drive destruction services, we will ensure your hard drives are properly destroyed before being discarded. Our experienced staff will come directly to your business to pick up your hard drives and destroy them right there or at our secured and monitored facility. We also provide a detailed certificate of destruction showing the date and time of the hard drive pickup.

Data Degaussing

By degaussing the hard drive, it erases magnetic media by resetting the magnetic charge of the hard drive to a neutral state, thus erasing the data. Hard drive degassers allow you to dispose of the hard drives your organization no longer needs. It alters the magnetic charge on a hard drive, which not only eliminates the data on the drive, but also erases the factory pre-recorded servo tracks, thus rendering the hard drive unusable.

Acceptable materials include all hard drives and tape materials that require a maximum level of security.

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